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Payment policy

A typical initial intake evaluation includes a single 90 minute appointments for child and adolescent clients and a single 60-90-minute appointment for adults. Typical follow up Therapy appointments for child, adolescent with parent are 50 min, follow up therapy for adults are 50 minutes in length. Child, adolescent, and adult medication management appointments are typically 30 minutes.

General Fees: (Please call, or email for rates)

Initial Intake Evaluation: (90 minutes)

Therapy with medication management: (50 minutes)

Therapy alone: (50 minutes)

Medication management alone: (30 minutes)


Payment for evaluation and/or treatment are due at time of check-in. Paypal, Google Wallet, Discover, VISA, and Mastercard credit or debit cards are acceptable payment sources for services.  You do not need to have a Paypal account you can make payment has a guest, having a Paypal account makes the process faster.



Billing via Paypal























Initial Intake

Therapy & Medications



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