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I often hear about the scarcity of psychiatrist throughout the United States and have wondered why not use the existing technology that a great number of people already have to provide mental health services through Telemedicine. Telemedicine utilizes various internet platforms to deliver medical services to underserved areas.  Traditionally, many have used Telemedicine to provide treatment to areas with a low physician presence.  However, Telemedicine does not need to be limited to only underserved areas.  It can be for:  busy clients who are professionals that are unable to break away from the office, those that are traveling for business or fun, those that are unable to travel due to inclement weather, someone who is sick and unable to leave home, a stay-at-home parent, or perhaps, someone just wanting to have mental health services from the privacy and comfort of their home, office or any location where they feel comfortable.  It is my goal to provide personalized mental health assessment and treatment for a wide range of clients with differing needs. I recognize that every patient is special, every situation is unique and that using video conferencing as a platform can be a great tool to provide mental health services to many.

How is this service provided
Electronic Medical Records
Video Conferencing

Currently I use One Touch EMR a HIPPA compliant Electronic Health Record, which provides:


Electronic Medical Charting




Labs and Imaging

Patient Health Information


Currently I use Secure Video which is a HIPPA Compliant Video Conferencing service which provides:


256 bit encripted HIPPA. compliant Video session.


Virtual waiting room.

Billing via Paypal, Credit Card.



Client will need

What is needed for you to utilize this service:

- A good internet connection (Broadband) is a must (Cable, Fios).


-Home computer fitted with a web cam and microphone.


-Laptop fitted with web cam and microphone.


-Tablet PC with web cam and microphone.


-Tablet (I-Pad, Android) with web cam and microphone.


-Smart Phones (I-phone, Android based) *smart phones are not the best for this.

value. quality care. convenience.

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